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    Selling my domain


    I think I have a domain that worth more than $10. Do you know where I can put it for auction?

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    Try sitepoint, listing it over in the advertising forums here wouldn't hurt either
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    Put your domain up on all those sites.. Also I would include a BIN price (buy it now)

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    depending on how much "more than $10" sedo is always a good choice (for the transfers/escrow service)
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    Yes, my friend successfully sold his domain name through

    You can join them using the following link :

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    Godaddy have an area we you can sell domains already registered.

    Also if your feeling lucky could also try ebay under domain names sub category.

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    Quote Originally Posted by coax View Post
    Put your domain up on all those sites.. Also I would include a BIN price (buy it now)
    DigitalPoint seems to be a very active forum, and many good domains sell fast there.

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    You can try Sedo company service, but 10$ domain sometime not attractive

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    You should try with $100 . If your domain sounds good and attractive to buyers you will get a good deal for your domain.

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