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    Counting 2 statements


    I have 2 sql statements
    1) select count(task_id) as count_task from tbl_employee_task,tbl_employee where
    tbl_employee_task.employee_id = tbl_employee.employee_id group by task_id

    2) select count(todo_id) as count_todo from tbl_employee_todo,tbl_employee where
    tbl_employee_todo.employee_id = tbl_employee.employee_id group by todo_id

    now what I want to display is a list with all the employees who have tasks + todo

    is there a way to do it in one sql statement?


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    Knowing the schema might help some; e.g., are task_id and todo_id non-unique in their respective tables? What other identifying information is in the tbl_employee table?

    Something like "select as Name, count(ta.*) as Tasks, count(to.*) as Todos from tbl_employee e inner join tbl_employee_task ta on (e.employee_id=ta.employee_id) inner join tbl_employee_todo to on (e.employee_id=to.employee_id) group by;" may work, but there's not really enough data supplied... ;-)
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    select * from tbl_employee where (select count(*) from tbl_employee_task where employee_id = tbl_employee.employee_id);

    As an alternative option to what Hildy suggested

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