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Thread: Damn - ROFL

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    Damn - ROFL

    I've been staying in the south of france for the last few weeks at my sister's home.

    Anyway, she left to travel back up to paris as I'm going to fly back later this afternoon. We said our goodbyes and she said nothing.

    I walked round with her to the train station, saw her on the train then I returned home.

    Stopping off at a cafe for a quick coffee, I then set sail back to the house to pack all my stuff together.

    It's kinda hot over here this morning so I decided to jump into the shower.

    Anyways, I jumped out of the shower, 1/2 dried myself off and as there was no one in the house I just did the usual and tramped about stark bollock naked.

    Into the kitchen I went and WTF? I only bumped into the housemaid who had arrived to do the cleaning up and house chores.

    What made it even worse was my spoken french is not the best plus she ovbiously thought I was an intruder.

    Where the fu*ks that french phrase book when you need one.

    oh la la......what a way to start a day.

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    hahahaha, you know, in a perfect world that could have gone alot better. France is know for love

    On a side note we got a fake xmas tree about 6 years ago. I was home alone for the weekend and after getting back early one sat. night from a night out, I decided to take a shower. Then my "impared" mind had the bright idea to put the tree up because I had to have it done by Sun night and planned on sleeping in. Our dog got out of the yard(ran through electric fence) when I let him out when I got back. Our across the street neighbor was nice enough as always to bring him back. She usually just walks in, and found me naked with the tree instruction manual. I will never forget that despite all my attemps. Sadly she is 3x my age.

    I feel for you(unless it went well)

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    you reminded me of a movie named Swimming Pool shot at a secluded country house in France...what happened to you was from that movie I can predict what would follow next...LOL

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