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    Frankfurt, Germany

    We are looking to expand to *Frankfurt*, Germany and we are looking for a provider that speaks english as well as offers Windows. We are looking for higher end specifications such as

    54XX / 55XX series (Dual Quad Cores) but we could also get away with high end Quad Cores. We would also be needing higher end data center / network.

    Pricing isn't a huge concern as we tend to be able to negotiate to get the pricing we need.


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    I think Hetzner would be a good choice

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    Unless I am missing something they don't seem to offer Windows.

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    Yes I think you're right. I was remembering that they used to offer Windows before, I would suggest asking their sales.

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    Any thoughts on ? Network etc ?

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    Netdirekt is a nice DC, and as far as I know there are many resellers on WHT as well.

    Netdirekt's network is really good, only if they could beat on pricing.

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    I got a reply by Hetzner but didn't have a clue with one of there replies. Anyone know what this means

    "in special cases also windows but you ve to care about your windows license."

    Edit: Seems like they only have Nuermberg and not Frankfurt
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    So they can install Windows, but you will buy the license

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    Yes hetzner is not at frankfurt but their ping to netdirekt is like 1-2ms.

    Yes you have to buy a license and then they will install it if you can show them an invoice if not you are out of luck.

    Also you could lease a windows key from an SPLA member as far as I know.

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    Anyone else want to chime in ?

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    I would go for hetzner too - Been a customer for over a year myself. They do a lot on request (and if you are willing to pay for it)

    They just opened their new DC in Falkenstein/Vogtl - where ever that is

    Is there any paticular reason you want to have your servers in Frankfurt?

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    mazedk have you ever asked hetzner to do something on the weekend? Somewhere I read that they do not even give hardware replacement support on weekends. I think it was here on WHT.

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    I guess free/standard support in Europe usually is available only on weekdays and during working hours. If you want support after hours you must pay by hour or buy a SLA.

    I had a server with Hetzner (Nuremberg) and I have a server with NetDirekt (Frankfurt) for ~3 years by now. Both are very stable but NetDirekt's network is far superior than Hetzner's network.

    I think Frankfurt is the best location in Europe but I prefer London than another location in Germany except Frankfurt (note: I have a server in Munich). In UK I had good experience with RapidSwitch and their standard support was 24x7.
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    I don't know about EU, I only work with a few datacenters in the EU.

    I have been working with netdirekt for 6 years now and they never charged for support on weekends or after business hours.

    Hetzner on the other hand does charge you.

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    Hetzner, seems like the one to go with but they don't offer Frankfurt or Windows 2008. Anyone else have suggestions ?

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    Hetzner and NetDirekt seem like the only providers people are suggesting.

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    Serverloft has an English support.
    I've been there myself rented server in St. Louis are from Germany.
    Perfect support for professionals.

    Hetzner has only a German Support, but nice for Gaming.

    Regards from Germany

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    Hetzner has english support.

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    Quote Originally Posted by interactive3d View Post
    Is this for gaming?
    Yes. I am in talks with netdirekt and there network seems top notch and offer windows 2003 only downside they don't offer anything larger then the Q6600.

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    Quote Originally Posted by XFactorServers View Post
    Yes. I am in talks with netdirekt and there network seems top notch and offer windows 2003 only downside they don't offer anything larger then the Q6600.
    You can get hardware customized by resellers (Q9550 and Nehalem Xeon's)
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    Since this is a thread I created and pretty pointless to create a new thread. Does anyone have a contact at netdirekt they could shoot my way (seems like Netdirekt/Hetnzer are the only hosts people suggest in Germany) ?

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    Netdirekt without any doubt. They have a good network and they're extremely service-oriented.

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    But, I think that would be the best solution.
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    im from germany. the best server in germany you become from and from

    hetzner has build a own DC in germany, but netdirect has better price. netdirekt is really the best choice.

    but be beware: in germany is adult and many other things not allowed. they will shutdown your server fast!

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    Thanks, we will get Netdrekt a shot.

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    today i have seen amazing price. it looks like hetzner want full fast here "new" DC in germany.

    - i7-920 Quad-Core
    - 24 GB DDR3 ram
    - 2 x 1500 GB
    - 100 MBIT
    - Traffic Flat *

    89 €

    * 5 TB Traffic / Month with 100 mbit. after 10 mbit flat or 1 TB on 100 mbit 6,90€

    but traffic from netdirect is a little bit cheaper and netdirect has no setup.

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    Quote Originally Posted by XFactorServers View Post
    Yes. I am in talks with netdirekt and there network seems top notch and offer windows 2003 only downside they don't offer anything larger then the Q6600.
    wrong information they do offer larger servers maybe they are not in stock, i have an i7 server with netdirekt purchased directly

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    Just want to mention that Hetzner has improved a lot since last,
    today they offer 24hours (english) support also in weekends + window servers as well.

    But you might need some techie skills to manage the server and the setup fee is another con but if you plan to stay with them it shouldnt be a problem..

    Others you can look at are netdirekt and giga-international or hosteurope
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