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    Banner and Custom template starts at $1.75


    First of all let me introduce myself, i am Ronnel Ang a.k.a diRTy DOuG from the Philippines. I own "7angels.INFO Web Services" I offer variety of computer and Web services. And since i am a proud member of WHT, i will offer exclusive 20% discount for all WHT members, on the list below are the types of services that i offer.

    • Banners
    • Logo
    • Custom Templates
    • Splash Pages
    • Header and Footer
    • Redesign

    You can check my latest portfolio here
    *Note some website owners does not prefer to post their designs so i decided to respect it.

    You can check the prices here

    and also pls. read our TOS before asking for a service.

    I only accept payments thru Bank Wire, Bank Transfer, WESTERN UNION (for payments larger than $100) - PAYPAL, STRICTPAY and ALERTPAY (i am a verified account holder of those 3 payment processors - for payments smaller than $100). I hate scammers and dont like charge backs so pls. dont make a fool of me.

    To all interested pls. PM me this thread is reserve for clients testimonials and reaction posting only.

    Thank you!

    Best Regards,
    diRTy DouG
    add me to your YM for faster transaction: dirty_doug_08
    i7 hassle free

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    I just want to add the following.

    Link to my previous and present clients.

    a word from my clients.

    I hope i can prove and do better for WHT members.

    Thanks and have nice day guys.
    i7 hassle free

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    How much would you charge to do my website? I do not know if I would be breaking any rules by posting the details here so I would simply leave you with the link to the post for you to make an offer. All the details are listed there Thanks

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    our website is currently down for the moment. As it was hosted by easycpanelhost and the owner seems to be gone and same with their website. anyway we have sent you an email and also to those people who cant access the site pls. just email me here dirtydoug08 [at] gmail [dot] com because our support email is down too.
    i7 hassle free

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