We are offering some of the most affordable ddos mitigation proxying on the net. If you are in need of ddos protection yet cannot move your servers to a protected network then this service is for you. We offer two types of proxying. The first type is HTTP proxying in which we filter out all traffic coming to your domain and then send only the clean traffic your way. The other is GRE proxying in which we add route the protected ip to your server for use with all ports and protocols.

With HTTP proxying we are able to filter 99-100% of all bad traffic before sending to your webserver. If you have a forum or site that requires clients to come in on their own ip then we can setup litespeed on your server to achieve this. All clients will come in on their own ip, not the proxy ip.

With GRE since the ip is routed directly from the network's Secureport firewall we must set up some levels of protection on your server to catch anything that may get through. 98-99% of traffic is cleaned before reaching your server on transparent protection, with click or captcha protection 100% is filtered. So on transparent protection some management on your server is necessary. Also all clients will come in on their own ip despite whatever web server you use.

Our proxying prices are only a fraction of what big name services charge, there is no huge setup fees or commitments/contracts. To see our prices and plans visit our proxying page here - http://secureservertech.com/proxy.html

We guarantee our service to be just as good or even better then places that charge 10-100 times more. There is also no legit traffic limitations, each proxy can utilize up to 100 mbit or as much as your local port will allow.

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