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    iDRAC6 Enterprise


    I'm about to purchase several Dell R610 and R710 servers. Has anyone experience with iDRAC6 Enterprise? Is it worth the extra $349/server or would you recommend another KVM IP solution?



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    Very similar to the Drac5 for the PE1950/2500

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    No, go and buy some HP Proliants they have iLo which is much better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spudstr View Post
    We enjoy the new idracs. They work very well with zero problems. If you have a good dell rep the idrac 6 enterprise is only a ~60 upgrade not 350.
    Thanks, just called them and they are giving pretty good discounts: The servers we priced at $2900/piece they discounted to $2050/piece

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    The new Drac's play better with more browsers. Also if you get the Enterprise version they have flash memory on them to load what you will.

    The new DRAC's also have more server management tools built on without the need for an OS on the machine or the Server management application installed.

    IMO if you go Dell you should always add these. Same thing with any company. HP, Supermicro, IBM
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    Definitely go with the iDrac6 Enterprise cards, depending on your Dell rep you should be able to get a good deal for the upgrade and/or the total price for your server. You can also use the iDrac6 card to monitor third party hardware on your network and/or software services if you purchase the additional licensing (Altiris client management licenses).

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