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    SharePoint Hosting

    Does anyone have experience starting a SharePoint hosting company? I know most here advise to start with a reseller plan and build up which I don't think that would be ideal for SharePoint hosting. I would also like to be the one setting up all of the infrastructure so that I know it's done correctly. Would the best option be to purchase a number of dedicated servers plans through another hosting company or simply purchase the servers and rent a rack at a data center?

    Does anyone have any recommendations for dedicated server hosting that offers value without sacrificing quality?

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    If you're just starting out I would recommend signing up with a reputable provider and resell their Sharepoint hosting, start with and work your way from there to other providers who offer similar service. If you can save money by reselling initially under a transparent layer why not?

    Good luck!

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    I have been using The Planet for several years now, I think they have affordable prices with good quality. Or if you are feeling adventurous try deploying your servers using Amazon's web service, I've been playing around with it for a while now and found it quite amazing
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