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    Windows Server: Plesk vs DotNetPanel

    Hello folks,

    I would like to hear your opinions on Plesk and DotNetPanel on Windows platform.

    I am soon going to purchase a Windows Server and I would like to know which control panel is easier to use and more powerful.

    What I will need to run on the server: latest .NET framework, PHP 5, MySQL (and possibly MSSQL). Do both these control panels support these technologies and are they easy to configure (for example can I change some PHP or .NET settings in the control panel or do I have to edit the config files directly?)

    Apache or IIS doesn't matter to me, I will probably choose IIS as it's better integrated in Windows.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Plesk was terrible when I used it, I'd use dotnetpanel instead.

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    I use dotnetpanel

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    You can use plesk but i think dotnetpanel have more feature...
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    I really don't have the answer to your questions naturally Richard. Sorry for intruding your post but I was beginning to get worried as our project is 95% complete and I haven't heard from you since July 24.

    I hope everything is alright, please do reply to my E-Mails soon. Thank you.


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