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    Aquarius Storage experiencing DDoS Attack

    Aquarius Storage is currently experiencing a extremely large DDoS...

    Please follow for updates. We will also be posting updates here...

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    Got a pcap of the attack?

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    Quote Originally Posted by zacharooni View Post
    Got a pcap of the attack?
    Graphs are currently revealing 50mbps of data and growing. If there is anything like the MDDhosting attack, we have a long road ahead of us. We will post more information as it comes along, but apparently we received an email about 5 minutes before the attack asking us the "value of our company". After we declined to reveal, they said they would find out by "other means". Since then, we have seen a steady increase in in traffic to acidic. As I said before, we will update as we have more information.

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    The handful of customers websites who was being effected by this have had their service restored. Our website however will be remaining offline. We will provide more details at they come along, however at this point customers should not noticing no difference besides our own website being down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zacharooni View Post
    Got a pcap of the attack?
    We're currently getting a pcap of the attack now and will update with it in a few. We was able to restore access to our customers websites by null routing our own website's IP upstream. We're going to once again bring the IP back down towards our server to preform the pcap and then we'll post it.

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    Were routed the main IP for AquariusStorage.Com from pointing upstream and back to the server to find out the attack had subsided. We have since brought back up AquariusStorage.Com for the time being. We will be keeping our eye on things here however for now, the attack seems to be over. If this kid starts back up, we'll keep everyone informed.

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    Thanks for putting the thread for your customers. However, I am not surprised you get attacked this is coming from the way you backpedal hosts on their experience with a customer over and over. You have been called out on this before from other WHT users (On the VPS sub-forum).

    I advise you to refrain from posting your negative opinions about other hosts.. on the company's (or yours) username as it could affect users on Aquarius Storage network.

    ** I am not affiliated with the attack.
    Luckily it was just 50mbps and not more.

    Good day to you and your network.

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