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    time for a new design?

    Our current design isnt too bad, but does it really make people interested in what we have to offer? i see alot of very good hosting websites out there and im not sure if it competes with the rest. We have been thinking about a new design for a while. what do you guys think? any comments are much appreciated

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    The header is bad - it looks like two companies - UKHS and ONLINE SUPPORT. We know it isn't - but you've created a focus of the online support when you shouldn't - that's the space for the company title. Online support is no big deal because it's the quality of the online support that matters. So, first, change your header graphic - do something else with it, instead of crushing it into two ends.

    I also don;t think you're allowed to display the Visa or Mastercard sign unless excepting on the billing form itself. Check it out.
    [btw - why would you want to put those signs at the top of your page, anyway?? That's your focus - and you're not advertising yourself.

    And for God's sake, anyone using pop-ups should be shot [metaphorically speaking]. It's a brilliant way to dicourage potential customers.

    The pop-up message isn't worded well either. Where is the link to the TOU? Limitations? Can you offer ISP services to Hull, Yorkshire, or the Isle of Man [short answer - NO]; Lightening fast connection - offering broadband on a dial-up?

    Your company has already provided a poor image.

    Another simpler reason for ridding the pop-up is that it slows the site loading. It's commonly stated on the internet that if your website takes more than 7 seconds to load, you've lost a third of your customers immediately.

    The search box is much too big, and right at the focus again - stick it to the top right, or the mid-right. Not the top. far, your focus is - online support, visa, search...and not once any of your services.

    The advert for yourselves is pointless as well - slows loading, and the text moves far too fast. Listen - your website IS your advertisement. That's what it's there for - to sell yourself and your services/prodcuts, etc. So get rid of the additional add - if you can say it in your main text, it's not worth saying.

    Your helpdesk is contradictory - contact live support - but when the left-hand graphic says offline...?

    You're really wasting space around here - not once do you sell your services. All you say is that you offer something. And your site focuses everywhere else.

    Your template isn't bad, and your effort is good - but when you stop and think about it, you haven't constructed the site according to your marketing concerns - you've tried an aesthetic approach. Whenever any designs a site for business puproses, that site serves as a main marketing tool. The design has to revolve around that.

    Anyway - try again - you've got the skills - you've just not thought hard enough about it.


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    Also - your hosting page:

    Packages shouldn't need scrolling to - imrpove presentation here.

    Spiel says 99.27% uptime - and the site will always be up. Clear contradiction.

    Also, who wants to pay 30 to have someone's company name on their web page? You're selling yourself sooo short.

    I gigabyte what? Transfer? You've mentioned that.

    In all honesty your web hosting looks amateur - haven't you heard of domain name registration, web forwarding, or user own POP e-mails?

    Maybe you're simply trying to compete with Freeserve and the glut of lesser ISPs. In which case, best of luck, 'cos you're going to need it.

    [btw - the crit may sound harsh - but I'm telling you what you *need* to know. I'm pushing you to do better than that. Otherwise, you will never live your business potential.]

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    Can you offer ISP services to Hull, Yorkshire, or the Isle of Man [short answer - NO]
    - we can actually. The dialup popup was just to make people aware they may use it if they wish. Im not the best designer or very good at layouts hence i asked for opinions. I respect your opinions and criticism , if you think the website brings us across as unprofessional though it deffinately paints the wrong impression of the company itself. We have many happy customers mostly by word of mouth but would like the site to also attract other clients.

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    Can you offer ISP services to Hull, Yorkshire, or the Isle of Man [short answer - NO]

    - we can actually.

    Actually, they both have their own telecom networks, and OFTEL won't let BT touch them. ISP's renting from BT cables cannot offer offer "anytime" services to these two sole UK regions.

    Sorry - it's a sore subject - I live in Hull and the service is sh*te.

    Btw - like I said, your off to a good start - but you really need to think in marketing terms and focussed info delivery to bring out your website.

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    Oh - also - remember my opinion is nothing more than that. This is personal feedback, not management consultancy .

    [Edit - if you want to advertise your ISP services, then replace the ad with your ISP promo, and get rid of the pop-up ----most people will close the box before it loads anyway.]
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    Originally posted by I, Brian
    and get rid of the pop-up ----most people will close the box before it loads anyway.]
    This is true, thats the first thing I did, couldnt even tell you what it said, I think your design is better than a lot of hosting companies out there, some I cant even understand how they get sign-ups, but I think I, Brian gace you some very good things to look at for improvement. - short URL service

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    from a daft web surfer's point of view, your design is way too simple and with large text-sized buttons and all. I think the same design but a bit more sophisticated plus a few canny lookin' graphics will do your design a world of good ...

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