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    Looking for a quote


    We are planning to start a vps provider company.
    All vps would be unmanaged but we will be offering some add-ons which will be required to be install/configure on each vps:

    * We will be offering software like cpanel, plesk, rvskins, rvsitebuilder, etc, etc. It is not included on each package. When client ask for any add-on we will required someone to do this task.

    * As we said, the vps will be offering as unmanaged. But if a client has a level 3 problem that cannot be resolved even by us we will be offering per ticket support to clients of level 3 assistant. This will be escalate to the person/company hired.

    * We will need in some way fast response and resolution time.

    * Quotes must be sent by pm.

    * This can be made by a outsourced company, or a particular.

    Thank you so much.

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    We've sent you a PM.

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    Please check your PM.



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    Could you kindly update if you've selected someone for this task?

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