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    Looking for a VPN Service with Private IP

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for a good VPN service that offers a dedicated (and private) IP address.

    Any recommendations?

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    VPN or VPS? (it is quite often people make this typo)
    If yopu need vpn I suppose you need to visit digital points to get some information about that
    I have seen a lot of related offers there

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    VPN. Thanks for the advice. I did see some members on Digital Point offering their services but I was hoping someone could recommend a reputable provider.

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    That is the service which are not regular in discussions here. I suppose DP is the best place
    Good luck

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    I've used PRQ.SE for VPN. It also has your own IP as standard and you can set rDNS.
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    I agree with Siber. That forum he (she) suggested is plentiful of the VPN offers requests and reviews.
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    I had my own VPN from

    Their site is currently down, but I think you can email them to get an offer. They were great for me and I am from Australia.

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