Up for sale is a pretty basic, yet very profitable movie related website. The site gives visitors a chance to watch parts of the movies on the website.

How does it work
The site is wordpress based. You visit YouTube and find a movie you would like to add to the site. Then, login and create a new post with information about the movie. Put in the YouTube video ID, and viala! It puts the movie up in its own post (but streams the movie from youtube) Adding a movie is fast and easy, the process takes about 1-3minutes.

When a visitor comes to the site they can search for a movie or browse by category. Before the movie starts the visitor is asked to complete a free survey (using cpalead.com) before watching the movie. This is where the main source a revenue comes from. Once a user has completed a survey they can watch as many movies as they want and they will not be asked to complete another survey.

Right now revenue is coming from Adsense and CPALead. As I said, users are presented with a CPALead gateway before watching a movie. They complete a short free offer to unlock the page. These offers pay anywhere from about $0.23 all the way up to $1 or so. I have also heard of people using ZangoCash.com instead of CPALead but i've only experimented with CPALead.

CPALead Screenshot 1 ($7.46 yesterday)
CPALead Screenshot 2 ($198.33 total this month)
Adsense Screenshot

I've tried to do as much free marketing for the site as I can. Most traffic is coming from YouTube marketing. I've also done link exchanges and social bookmarking. I added Google Analytics around the middle of the month to try and get more accurate stats because Webalizer isn't very good. Here are some stat screenshots.

Analytics are from July 13-Present, Webalizer are from July 1-Present
Webalizer Screenshot 1
Webalizer Screenshot 2
Analytics Screenshot 1
Analytics Screenshot 2

The site is completely wordpress based. It would go on any regular shared hosting account you may have. The domain is registered with DynaDot. Basically, the only upkeep would be to add new or old movies whenever you want (There are currently over 160 added) and more link exchanges would also help to get more search engine traffic. Other than that, the site does not require much maintanence.

Please feel free to post an offer here or PM it to me