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    How to measure bandwidth

    What are some methods (software or protocol) of measuring total bandwidth usage and billing clients in a dedicated or virtual server hosting environment?

    For example 3000GB of transfer per month.

    Does this also indicate the total sum of up and down transfers?


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    Best way for doing servers is SNMP read access to the physical switch ports.
    Then use something like cacti (free) or prtg/mrtg to graph and collect the information.

    Virtual servers, normally the software your using will give some form of graphing and collection of data for you don't really see people using many other methods.

    Things to remember is don't take readings from the server, but the actual network.

    You get billed by network and clients can "remove" or "change" software, they cant do that with ports
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    Thanks for the replies.

    Can anyone recommended or suggest decent netflow reporting and analysis software?

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