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    I can't acess my backups.

    Has someone already noticed it ?

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    Well, according to this page :

    It's down since 4 days...

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    Not that long ago they were having issues with PA1, and I was mysteriously moved onto PA2. Perhaps it's been shut down, or the issues they were having back then have returned? IIRC, it was HDD issues, but that isn't the sort of thing you leave for later.
    Have you tried contacting them?

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    Sure, I'm waiting for their answer.

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    Users were moved to PA2, and were sent individual emails regarding this. For some reason, many support tickets came stating that they did not know about this and that they did not receive any of our emails. I will be resending most of them later today through another server, to make sure everyone will have received it.

    PA1 will be recommissioned with a new server, to fix the RAID array issues we've been experiencing. First, there was a RAID card failure which was replaced with a newer card. After migration, drives started to drop out randomly from the array. We had to take PA1's backups, and move it to PA2. We are still in the midst of stress testing the new server/array before bringing it up to production.

    Until further notice, PA1 will not be hosting any of our client's backups.

    Please contact us via support, and we'll credit your account with 2 months worth of free service.

    Once again, sorry for any inconveniences caused due to these issues.

    Otto Yiu

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