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    Arrow TORONTO: SmoothVPS Since March 08' - You Name The Specs + Price!! 25% OFF First MONTH

    SmoothVPS ( We've been serving the public since March 08' and having been steadily growing since. (Yes our site is a little outdated- we never have specialized in web design, however our new site will be released in a few weeks!)

    We haven't posted an offer here for several months, so we've decided to come back and let you choose the plan and price!

    Simply post below, PM, or send an email to sales (@) with the specifications your looking for (including control panels and everything), and the price you're looking to pay! If it's reasonable, we'll accept! Be sure to include if you're looking for Xen or OpenVZ Based!

    PEER1, All Stream, and Atria Networks, with Peering to TorIX.

    Additional 25% OFF Coupon applied to first month.

    cPanel is available for $14.5/mo additional fee on both offerings.
    DirectAdmin is available for $7/mo additional fee on both offerings.
    Additional Dedicated IP Address: $1.25/ea per month on both offerings.

    All content legal in Canada is allowed on our servers, however IRC usage is strictly prohibited. However, private IRC usage is allowed upon request. Request for IRC permission must be submitted to our support department. Any illegal activity is strictly prohibited.

    Have any questions? Feel free to ask below, send a PM, or contact our sales department at sales (@)
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    Robert @ SmoothVPS - Since 2008

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