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    Need Help Choosing a VPS

    Hi Everyone,

    Im looking for a VPS which will host at least 3 websites
    1. Joomla tech sport website
    2. My ebay website - which includes my images for my listings
    3. A games website

    ive been reconmended to get at least a 512mb VPS but im looking for a well priced one at around 25.00/$40.00 please can somebody help me find one as i was going to use CheapVPS but i have heard they aren't very good

    Thanks Sam

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    Well it all depends on how busy are your sites, the more SQL driven sites, the more you need memory.

    There is a many good VPS providers here, I'll hope you will find a good one for yourself.

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    Hello Sam,

    do you need cpanel? it will be easy to find a VPS under your requirements, and if you check the offer sections you will find some good offers!
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    I strongly suggest searching WHT ( to find VPS specials. If 1GB is not to much more then the 512MB I strongly suggest purchasing the 1GB. I think you will be happy over time that you did. Best of luck to you and I hope you find a great VPS.
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    Welcome to WHT!

    Do you have a geographic preference?
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    i don't mind where it is so long as it has a fast connection

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    so you want a 100mbps of network connection at least right?
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    it would be nice

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    Quote Originally Posted by berwick53 View Post
    it would be nice
    what else do you think it will be a plus for you to order? any special promotion? a control panel? managed vps?
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    We would really need alot more information as to exactly what your needs are. The sites you describe could run well on a reseller account or even normal shared hosting. Why exactly do you need a VPS? How many visitors, how resource intensive, etc...

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    hi im currently using a shared hosting with Hostmonster but they are very slow to load especially a site im developing which has lots of images on joomla . i get about 5000/15000 unique vistors a day and about 70gb bandwith a month. i plan to sell more items on ebay and i require it to load faster and i will be running a shop soon.

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    i would prefer if its in a english speaking country eg. USA/UK/AUS

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    are or any good

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    Thread cleaned. Let's get this back on track, shall we?
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