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    * Sharktech in 2009

    Hi! I want to have opinions on Sharktech in 2009.

    I know that this company was very bas in 2007 and had poor service.

    I want to purchase a powerfull dedicaced server with this company, but I need some fresh reviews.

    The DDoS protection is good or not?

    The support is good or he is still bad?

    The network is good? They have somes network issues?


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    Why don't you search the forum?? Welcome to the forum!

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    it would be a good idea to search first and then bring up recent points. But this is a place where you can ask most anything and people will help out, it just helps a little to help yourself first. Welcome aboard.
    Dave Parish

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    yes, I searched in the forum

    I found one recent opinion(good), and some olds(bad).

    At this time, I need others recent opinions for be sure.


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    The best way to find out is go on EFnet IRC network and #sharktech lots of current customers hang out there and you can get their opinion about our service.

    Thank you,
    Tim Timrawi
    Founder, Sharktech
    Sharktech provides secure cyberspace with unique in-line and cloud-based DDoS protection.

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    I'm a customer: Sharktech is 1 of the best irc hosts i ever been with. Very stable and reliable servers and great support.

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