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    Backup Solution?

    Well after some Faffing about with shared layer i settled and bought a Dedicated from Joesdatacenter so far its been fantastic now all i need is an offsite backup server?

    is anyone aware of were i can get a good priced place to backup to?

    also what is the best way to backup my files and mysql?

    i am using WHM/cpanel


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    What is your budget?

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    my Budget is pretty flexible depending what kind of service is offered obviously i would like to go as low as possible but im willing to pay if i need to

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    You may want to look into WebbyCart if you are looking for Rsync backup. We have used them in the past and they were great.
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    webbycart perhaps is your need, I with them for almost a year
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    I like Bacula. You will find it at the Open Source Project.
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    Take a look at

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    ive gone with Webbycart and so far so good seems to work well

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    You can also check
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