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    GoodBye to all on this Forum - I hope you all find your dream hosts! :)

    Just a quick line to say GoodBye to all in this forum, I hope you find the hosting package you are looking for.

    Unfortunately, the Thought Police who run this "forum" won't even let you post a smilie unless you jumped through hoops first!

    This forum is about as open as a Labour Party conference!

    It seems it is okay to have a webpage with your Affiliation links in and link to that, but not to put them directly in the post???

    I can't be bothered to post in a forum run by <<blah>>!

    Bye all - Good Luck!
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    It's because WHT isn't DP. Go back to DP if you like that, personally, I love how WHT is run(Minus the POC I seemed to have gotten a few weeks back).
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    Sorry to hear that you feel that way.

    Unfortunately, a community of this size has to have some basic rules and guidelines, which help it run efficiently. 99.9% of our members here have no problems with them, after all, everyone agreed to the rules when they registered for their account. Some folks, just don't work well in communities that have rules and guidelines and unfortunately, their stays here are short lived.

    You have the option of discussing your issues via the Helpdesk otherwise, we bid you good day and wish you well in whatever community better suits your needs.

    I support the Human Rights Campaign!
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