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    Looking for cheap colocation in DC/VA metro

    I'm looking to colocate a server in the local area, so I have access to it. I am in MD right outside of DC. I've heard that northern virginia has more datacenters and better prices, especially in Ashburn. That's not too far from me.

    Any suggestions? Price is the number one factor here, this is nothing large scale. Just a 1/2u server or two.

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    Hi Sam,

    Be sure to check the offers section. I would also recommend N. Va over DC...less traffic, no parking issues, better BW, ect..There are several companies in N. Va that should be able to meet your needs.
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    I've been a customer @ Yellow Fiber Networks for about 8 months now. They've built one of the most robust and low latency networks I've come across. Their prices are economical and the datacenter is in Reston, VA.

    They've got (last time I checked) 3 10GB connections to 3 upstream providers as well as a few gigE copper uplinks. He also has a couple dark fiber connections connecting multiple datacenters together(Core Site, Switch & Data, and Equinix). His network is FAST FAST FAST and completely redundant. I really like the fact that all of his stuff connects back to his core switch so you don't have to fight for bandwidth across a switch with 40 other servers on it.

    On a more personal note, the owner of the company is a down to earth, get the job done type of guy. - Very easy to deal with. They lease cage space from CRG West (now coresite) so you know the datacenter is top notch. Give 'em a call, Zak is the owner - tell him Mike from Uncorrupted sent you. Maybe he'll cut you some slack.
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