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    Userfriendly CMS

    Hi all, have a client who is not too tech-savy Im after the simplest CMS for them to be able to edit content on each of their pages. No images just some text.

    Here is the layout of their site. Any suggestions?

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    I find that CMS made simple is quite user friendly. I don't remember if it's got WYSIWYG built in, but you can get FCKEditor easily enough. It's got a no-download/upload module management system, so you can simply browse a list of currently available modules from their repository (alphabetical), and hit "download and install". Within a few seconds, it's done. I would advise your client to not do a lot with modules himself, because if you install a module without dependancies (and it lets you) your installation will get bugged.

    He'll probably want his same layout too, so either you or some company will have to convert that to work with CMS made simple.

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    CMS Made Simple is fantastic. If you can code that page you can code it in CMS Made Simple very easily.
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    Interesting - never heard of that one before.

    I was thinking Joomla - not too hard to use after you use it a time of two (and if the architecture is explained as to where things are going to go.)

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    +1 for CMS Made Simple. Deployed it for a few people who find it very easy to use.

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    CMSmadesimple is one of the best out there and i use it. another one to look out for is joomla and the likes is a lot more heavyweight.

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