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    looking for reviews


    I am planning to purchase a dedicated server from because they have high bandwidth offers... but Ive been looking for reviews about them here but I couldnt find any... Im not sure yet because have a new promotion regarding 10TB bandwidth so Im kinda shopping around first...

    a piece of advise would greatly be appreciated...

    Thank You
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    15TB now from uk2, correct me if I'm wrong...

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    yes they offer 15TB now at uk2 but how reliable is their network? compared to theplanet?

    I plan to use all the bandwidth... so I need network reliability

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    We are about to launch in the UK sometime today, I can tell you Patrick is fantastic as a sales rep. Fast replies on emails.

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    100 is great. We've been with them about 5 months now (we have multiple servers) and we've never had any issues with their network except for a small issue this weekend which was resolved fairly quickly (no downtime, we just had our port cap lowered on accident).

    Their billing is a little odd I must say, being that they charge credit cards 10 days before the invoice is due, but besides for that I don't have a single complaint. They always respond to support tickets quickly and their techs are all very knowledgeable. I wish there was a way to call them, but their support ticket system works fine so there is never a need to. The pricing is great and servers are setup quickly, so I must say we are quite a happy customer!
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