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    ★★★ Uncoded PSD for sale (auction style) : Web Design ★★★


    I came across this design on my laptop earlier today and remember putting it together a long time ago to try a few things out. It's uncoded, but comes with the complete foldered (sorted) .PSD file, full copyright to the owner and it's never been sold before.

    I'll take any offers for this as I literally didn't even realise I had it saved on my laptop. Better sold than binned

    Included in sale:

    ★ Full PSD source file (with all sections sorted and foldered)
    ★ Full copyright ownership to the winning buyer
    ★ All fonts required for the design

    Offers in PM's please!

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    If this is an auction, the bids need to be public.
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    Auction style - basically the best offer in my PM wins

    If this isn't the case then you folks can just fire your offers up here - it really doesn't matter either way aslong as I don't just have to bin this. Thank youuuuuu!

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