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    Question Hosting Suggestions??

    Does any one know of a hosting company that will allow you to host movies and sitcoms on the server? Currently I am with Host Gator, When they found out I had Movies, Sitcoms and other copy righted content on my site they suspended my account.

    I am using Piwigo version 2.0.2 and was only sharing my content with immediate family members. In my options through Piwigo, I had made private all the content that the viewing public was not able. This means that if a person surfed to my site, all they would see were photos and nothing else.

    Remember.... The content I post is private and not viewable by yhe public!!

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    The fact remains, even though these files aren't in a public place, you're still (as you admit) sharing the content with others despite you not owning the copyright - and that's illegal.

    No reputable hosting company that I'm aware of will allow the hosting of this content, regardless of how locked away and hidden to the public it is.

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    So you are looking for the web hosting for illegal videos?
    If so please do not get offended but US and Canada they are not placed for you

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    No... I am not looking for a place to host Illegal videos. If you read through the law concerning copy right infringement you will see that you are not breaking the law if you are not selling the videos you burn. This can be done legally if you are not sharing or selling.
    Personal, personal, personal use only!!!

    So, the only way to do this is to either purchase a server or enable IIS and host them my self, right? I think I already know the answer, well.... I know I do.

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    Sharing protected content that you do not own the copyright to is breaking the law. No ifs, no buts, it's illegal. Doesn't matter to who, when or how, it's still illegal.

    There is no "personal use" here since you publicly admit that you are sharing the content with "immediate family members".

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    Ok, I get the point. No reason to continue this thread. I have the info I was looking for.

    Thanks to all who replied.

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    Well, your best bet is to look for "off-shore" web hosts to host the copyrighted material. Even though it's not completely ethical, it's not exactly illegal on off-shore servers - it really depends on the country. A lot of research may be involved when selecting where and which country to host such content on. However, even when or if you do find such a host, it is still risky.

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    If you want to store video for private use, then better look for a video host. Ideally no hosting company will allow you for video. There are lots of hosting sites that offer space to store video. Just 'google' for it.

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    Why don't have VPS for this kind of the service and start using that for that?
    I assume that would be enough to you to get started. In any case be sure that you need specify all copyrighted details
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    Video would usually be ok (to a point), but the fact its copyrighted would scare many (legitimate) hosts away.

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    What sort of budget do you have? Any specific requirements? I know a few hosts that may suit your needs - Hosting websites since 1999!
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    I do believe he stated he had all the information he needed and there was no further reason to continue with the thread?

    Correct me if i'm wrong?

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