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    Senior *nix Admin seeking work

    Here is a copy/paste from my resume that shows previous work experience:

    1/2004 – 2/2009 CSC – Boeing (Integrated Defense Systems)
    Senior Systems Engineer – Unix Team Lead – Long Beach, CA
    • Manage multiple Unix platforms – HP-UX, AIX, Solaris, SGI, and RedHat Linux
    • Work directly with Service Guard, Courion, OVO, NIS, NFS, Samba, Apache Web Server, Netscape Web Server, WebLogic, Ignite, and EMC storage
    • Manage and delegate all service requests and break/fix issues
    • Conduct work for CAD/CAM, CATIA, DCAC, Enterprise Managed Print Services, Engineering – Long Beach and various other groups to meet all SLA requirements for break/fix and service request issues
    • Successfully managed multiple projects including the block point upgrade project for all HP-UX servers, printer roll-out for all Unix servers, and DCO (Datacenter Optimization/migration) Activities
    • Organized, updated and streamlined our patching, new hardware roll-outs and upgrades with assistance from Computing and Network Operations and multiple hardware vendors
    • As lead for Long Beach, managed a team of administrators and successfully took the site from a “red” status to “green” for the first time
    Senior Systems Engineer – Site Lead – Macon, GA
    • Performed work within the Microsoft Windows NT/2000/2003 Enterprise servers, as well as HP-UX operating environments
    • Executed multiple server consolidation efforts for both Macon, GA and Long Beach, CA Boeing facilities – Windows and Unix
    • Functioned as Distributed Data Backup and Recovery Team Lead – Boeing account

    Please PM if in need of a very experienced Unix/Linux systems admin. I have plenty of experience in web development, as well, and can assist with almost all aspects of IT. I am not a salesman, but rather an engineer, and would prefer to stay as such. Thank you for your interest.

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    Also, feel free to email me:

    edwards.david.a at gmail dot com

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