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    * GEEKSTORAGE DEAL! 25% Off & DOUBLE Space & Bandwidth for the life of the account!

    The geeks behind know what it takes to ensure quality web hosting. Having hosted over 30,000 websites we know that guaranteed performance backed up by "Powered by Geek" support ensures you are with the best.


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    Included features (unless specified otherwise):

    * Premium Bandwidth
    * Hardware-based DDoS Mitigation
    * LiteSpeed, PHP 5, Perl, CGI, MySQL
    * Ruby on Rails + GEMS
    * Remote Backups & High-Redundancy RAID Arrays
    * Developer Friendly Atmosphere
    * E-commerce Enabled
    * cPanel w/Fantastico DeLuxe
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    * "Powered by Geek" Support

    We SPARE NO EXPENSE for our geeks! Our newest shared servers have the following minimum hardware specifications:

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    TEST IP:

    We've bundled support for FFMpeg, FFMpeg-PHP, Mencoder, MPlayer, Flvtool2 and many video codecs so that you can setup your own video streaming & sharing website! We also offer full support for Zend & IonCube script loaders, GD, NetPBM, and more!

    *** Shared Hosting Offerings ***

    The Starter Plan includes...
    * 1 GB NAS & RAID Protected Storage Space
    * 20 GB Premium Bandwidth
    * LiteSpeed, Apache 2.2 & PHP 5
    * No Additional Domains
    * 5 Email Accounts
    * 5 Email Forwarders
    * 5 Email Auto-responders
    * 2 MySQL Databases
    * 2 PostgreSQL Databases
    * Only $35/year!

    The Lite Plan includes...
    * 5 GB NAS & RAID Protected Storage Space (DOUBLE! - 10 GB Space!)
    * 125 GB Premium Bandwidth (DOUBLE! - 250 GB Bandwidth!)
    * LiteSpeed, Apache 2.2 & PHP 5
    * 2 Additional Domains
    * Unlimited Features (click here for a complete list)
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    The Developer Plan includes...
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    * Ruby on Rails + GEMS
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    The Geek Plan includes...
    * 20 GB NAS & RAID Protected Storage Space (DOUBLE! - 40 GB Space!)
    * 500 GB Premium Bandwidth (DOUBLE! - 1 TB Bandwidth!)
    * LiteSpeed, Apache 2.2 & PHP 5
    * Ruby on Rails + GEMS
    * Dedicated IP Address
    * SSH Access
    * Unlimited Additional Domains
    * Unlimited Features (click here for a complete list)
    * Only $8.00/month* (Get 25% OFF for the life of the account! Use coupon: WHT25OFFX2)

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    Free website migration!

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    I'm interested in the Lite plan. A couple of queries though

    Pardon my ignorance, but does the recurring 25% discount mean I will receive a 25% discount if/when I renew my subscription?

    Also, will I get the double space & double bandwidth offers once my current subscriptions end or will my account be downsized and I will be required to pay more when it comes time to renew?

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    I have a personal site which is This site is a family gallery which is always keep updated and unused modules turned off to minimize server resources. I also have 1 other domain hosted within the account which uses no resources, space or bandwidth. Here is the total site usage:

    Disk: 1384.93MB
    Bandwidth Per Month: 728.27MB
    2 Sql databases
    5 Email accounts

    Hostgator gave me issues with the amount of files (pictures) I had. Each picture hosted on the account is less than or equal to 100kb. I resize all pictures prior to uploading and use FTP as my primary file transfer. They gave me issues when needing to do a backup of my account for personal storage due to the amount of files/Inodes.

    I then moved to ServerRhino/Beachcomber and they are blocking legitimate emails. I have contacted them many times explaining to them that their EXIM configurations are improper as they are using "verify the existence of email senders" and doing so is blocking emails from some major forums (including this one) I visit as well as emails from my blackberry account when trying to send to my personal account. They are unwilling to work on the issue and have repeatedly close my ticket when asking for a resolution. They claim it is not their settings which anyone with EXIM and cPanel experience would know different.

    I'm not a tough customer, being I have ran my own web hosting company in the past, I know how to manage and properly maintain my account. All I require is a company with history and proper EXIM configurations to help with spam but NOT BLOCK legitimate emails.

    Can you provide anything I require? I'm tiered of spending hours moving my site to only run into issues days/weeks later.

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