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Thread: Good Co-lo ?

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    Good Co-lo ?

    Does anyone know of any good co-location services in the Houston, Tx area if possible, that doesn't charge an arm and a leg ? I have a few Windows servers I would like to play around on for some development purposes and for my own personal use, but would also like a reliable fast internet connection, so my DSL home network isn't looking the best plan. Any info on this would be apreciated either posted here or mailed to [email protected]

    Thanks !

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    I have been looking for the same thing too! My very own server arrived this week and I have been searching google all this week to find a good colo home for my server. It scares me to send my server to another state but I can't seem to find any WHT-type deals in the Houston area. All the colo providers I have found in Houston have small amounts of bandwidth and high prices. I really don't want to send the server out of state ...... but with the prices I have seen I might have too.

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    I'm sure there are plenty of options in houston...try looking at It looks like there is an internap facility in houston, you might want to call them.
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