Hi Everyone,
Over the past few weeks/months vePortal has grown from almost nothing to a striving control panel, With recent offers being a massive success and our name and software rapidly piping up all over the internet our customers demands are getting higher.

We are already a three programmer strong team but we are looking for another two, They must strictly meed the criteria outlined below and pay is negotiable depending upon dedication level.

- Must be within the United Kingdom (Preferably In Midland/England)
- Must be willing to work under preassure and to deadlines.
- Must be a very Experienced PHP Programmer, You WILL need to hit the ground running here no training will be given.
- You must speak fluent english (Both Type & Speach) and you must be a "Lone" programmer, NOT an Agency / Design Firm.
- You will be paid fairly either by BACS (Monthly) or PayPal depending upon your wage.

Your Main Duties:
- Developing around our already secure infrastructure a solid and secure VPS Control Panel, so OpenVZ Experience is a definate must!
- Marketing & Live Support may also be within the list of duties.

For More information please email jobs [at] veportal.com

We DO NOT want any SPAM and we do NOT want any companies / freelancers / onetimers, If you want this job it could well be your next "Job for Life" if you think you can handle doing freelance AND vePortal at the same time, At the moment your going to get a shock.

What We Provide
- Linux Based hardware for Development (Dedicated to you)
- Central Development Center (Our Development Servers / Base of Operation)
- Software Licenses for anything you need for the job.
- Competative Pay.

We are looking for TWO programmers, Within the UK ONLY! and you will need to be willing to meet for board meetings with the other 3 already running vePortal.

Please provide a quick list of what your KEY areas of expertise is and any other information that you think may expidite your position.

If you get a bounced email (Failed) Then the Vacancies are filled!.