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    MS Word - Drawing Precision

    In MS Word XP. When I draw a line or box whatever, when I try to move the object it doesn't seem very precise.

    E.g. I can move it up/down/left/right (or so it seems) in increments of 0.2cms.

    If I want to be more precise I have to manually enter the absolute positions in the advanced properties of the object. Surely there is a way to make the moving of object less restricted????
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    I don't use XP at the moment, but Word has always been very grudging when it comes to layout. I remember fighting this same problem years ago in previous releases. It used to be you could create a frame around an object and freely drag it around but that feature seems to have been taken away as of Office 2000. Since stumbling upon a copy of Quark XPress I don't use Word for that anymore.

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    There certainly is an easier way.

    Hold down the alt key whilst dragging your selection, this will allow you to drop it wherever you want.

    Hope this helped.

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