Hello -

Hope you folks can help out with some noobie questions.

I have a basic Enom reseller account and find it time consuming to manually create a retail sub-account for each new client who wants no-frills hosting such as the "Starter Linux" plan.

I would like to embed a page in my site that:

(a) displays the pre-configured linux and windows hosting plans currently offered by Enom
(b) automatically creates an Enom sub-account under my main account when a new client signs up for one of these hosting plans from my site
(c) uses the Enom cart and billing process to directly and automatically bill my client's credit card based on the retail cost of the plan
(d) automatically provisions the chosen hosting plan and sends my client the Plesk control panel login info

Does the Enom API support this scenario directly ie. without the need for a 3rd party app like AWBS or WHMCS? I took a look at the Enom API demo site ("Enomitron") and aside from being painfully outdated, the sample site is for domain sales only.

I'm willing to spend the time to develop a hosting sign-up page for my site based on the Enom API but only if it can automatically create sub-accounts..hopefully the API is not a blind alley.

Again, I just need this for occasional domain and hosting plan sales, this is only a sideline business for me.

One last question -- I'm assuming that Enom forces my reseller account to take the initial hit and cover any new sub-account purchases until the 90-day fraud window passes?

Thanks in advance for your responses and good luck to all as we get through this tough economic period..

Cheers, Mark