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    Question PHPMailer and Hotmail/Live


    I am working on a website that requires users to register with a valid email, so i have a simple activation system.

    So, I need to be able to send many emails from my server, so i chose PHPMailer ( to send those activation emails using my own SMTP server.

    This is how the emails are delivered:

    PHP Code:

    // Prepare Email Content
    $html_message str_replace(array(
    "Action Required to Activate Membership for Company Name",
    "http://"$_SERVER["HTTP_HOST"] . dirname($_SERVER["PHP_SELF"])

    // Prepare Email
    $mail = new PHPMailer();
    $mail->SMTPDebug 1;
    $mail->SMTPAuth true;
    $mail->Host $mail_server['host'];
    $mail->Port $mail_server['port'];
    $mail->Username $mail_server['user'];
    $mail->Password $mail_server['pass'];
    $mail->SetFrom("[email protected]""Company Name");
    $mail->Subject "Action Required to Activate Membership for Company Name";
    $mail->AltBody "To view the message, please use an HTML compatible email viewer!";

    // Send Email
    if (!$mail->Send())

    This is the email_template.html ->

    I tested the above script and i am not getting any emails from this script to my hotmail/live account. I checked junk mail folder also. works fine on yahoo.

    is there something i'm not doing right?

    I need to be able to send emails to any email service providers.
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    If there's nothing in any of your folders, and nothing in the spam folder, yet the script works fine to other servers then I'd check your server logs. It's possible the remote SMTP servers (Microsoft) are rejecting your connections for some reason.

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    The server your sending from:

    1, Make sure it has the correct Reverse DNS entry
    2, Make sure the IP you are sending from has a good reputation
    3, Make sure by looking at the logs that the email is actually leaving the server.
    4, Add SPF to your domain and make sure that the IP your sending from is added to the list of allowed senders.

    Cant think of any reason you wouldnt see any emails at all, unless it never left the server your sending from.

    Does it work to other providers ?


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    Check SPF record and if every thing is perfect than report this problem to your web host providers.
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