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Thread: Design Ideas

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    Design Ideas

    Just curious but how do you come up with a design? Do you look at color schemes and image styles? What do you do first when you're about to make a website? Related to the look.

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    I like to browse around for website designs that inspire me. This usually helps me to develop my own creativity.

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    Yeah, I do the same. Another thing I do is browse through print ads. There are some great design ideas that let me conceptualize the idea in a full website form.

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    for the color schemes check Adobe Kuler, and for the idea i just look for the best good looking designs out there for what type i am going to design take them all and make them as base, and build creatively on..

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    i also surf a bit for some inspiration over at places like smashingmagazine etc...then i start off...& eventually after 2-3 sittings i am ready with a design i like...then comes the revision session based on client feedback....

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    Great question! I've been doing Graphic Design for about 5 years. I have degrees in the area and have studied the overall structure of what a solid design needs. I always suggest when someone wants to learn Design to go back to school. Your able to be around and talk to other designers like you.

    Also, by going back to school your able to understand constructive criticism. You will learn how to use pretty much every Adobe software, how to use typography (text) in a clever way to attract more interest. There are many other things you will obviously learn but I feel its one of the best choices I've made with my life. I've networked with so many great individuals and companies throughout the local area by simply becoming a student and making professional choices.

    You can read blogs and watch video tutorials but I feel the human interaction is something special. After all how you interact with customers and other businesses can make or break your company or even your career. Best of luck!
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