Jacksonville, FL -- July 26, 2009 - Server Complete, LLC announces all new tiered reseller program and management portal.

After much consideration of where further expansion could be done, Server Complete decided to hit the market big with our all new reseller program and management interface. Our state-of-the-art client management portal, dubbed SCPanel, offers a plethora of value added services which are nothing short of stellar. From free unlimited port monitoring from two locations to quick and easy reverse dns management, our client portal is designed for ease of use and an overall better user experience. Other features of our new client management system include an automated abuse handling system, RBL blacklist checking, remote reboots, mrtg network graphs, and switch port control.

One of the biggest features, however, is our comprehensive Reseller Center. Upon first visit you will be prompted to register under the reseller program which takes just minutes. The only requirement to become a reseller of Server Complete is to maintain one product at full price at any given time. Within the Reseller Center each reseller will have the opportunity to collaborate with other resellers within our private, integrated, reseller forums; this will prove to be an invaluable resource for networking and passing useful information. All reseller discounts are based on the number of active services under the account. The unique discount code for each reseller is updated nightly through an automatic process to increase or decrease their allocated discount rate based on the number of active services. All services are rendered completely white label under an unadvertised domain to allow for the resellers privacy. Private reseller only specials will be frequent to allow for individualization from our core services.