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Thread: GeekSRV review

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    GeekSRV review

    Hello, this is my first post (and review) here, but I have been reading you for a long time.

    I am from Croatia and I had hosting accounts with many local resellers, most of them reselling US servers, less of them reselling local Croatia located servers.

    I 've been searching for affordable UK hosting with around 1GB disk space and 10GB bandwith, UK located servers, Apache, PHP 5 and MySQL 5

    I also read offers from EZPZ hosting, 040hosting and JShosts, but I decided GeekSRV.

    On this forums under "Shared web hosting offers" I found GeekSRV offer that I found acceptable, so i get 1.5GB disk space and 25GB bandwith for 1.99 per month and I purchased it for 6 months.

    *You can follow GeekSRV via Twitter and got discount as I did (30off)


    First contact was pre-sale question that was answered in 14 minutes. (Q:19.01h - A:19.15h)

    I paid for it at 11.45 and at 11.54 i had the account ready. (Cpanel username and password) - that is 9 minutes.

    So far I am with GeekSRV for 5 days and I had 2 tickets both LOW priority and first ticket was answered in 3 minutes, second ticket in 8 minutes and all my inquiries were solved.

    Server is really fast, with 84 other sites.

    Latency from Croatia is around 50 ms (server can't be pinged-ping is disabled, but hoster did ping me) and I am satisfied.

    Hoster has 3 nameservers,, and I think it's very good to have third nameserver located somwhere else than in same datacenter.

    One more interesting thing is that server is not reporting Apache version to the browser and it's good security thing for your site. You can check Apache and PHP version via Cpanel.

    Service is really superb and I can't say one bad thing about GeekSRV so far.

    So far I am extremely satisfied and I will buy again their services and recommend them to my friends and companies that are in need of good and reliable web hoster.

    I will keep reporting as I can (1, 3, 6 months...)

    Good work GeekSRV and greetings to Ed.

    *Sorry guys I can't post links to GeekSRV offer and GeekSRV twitter ( because of 5 posts limitation

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    Nice, please come back after you've been there for a while.
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    Thanks for the review and I am glad you have found a host you are happy with. As you say, please report back at a later time, with a progress report.

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    Thanks for sharing the positive experiences with your host. Great to see that your initial impressions are wonderful. Keep us posted again.

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    Always great to hear positive reviews. Keep us updated further experience. Thanks for the review.
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