Looking for fresh UNIQUE visitors for your website
If you said yes, we can help you. You choose the unique time span (anything from 0hours to 60days) and delivery priority (1 to 100 weighting).

Read the information below, and contact to setup your campaign now.

** LIMITED: We have currently limited sales to 250,000 visitors maximum for period Mid-July to End-August, in avoidance of over-selling the current capacity. So act NOW and Take ADVANTAGE of this offer.

Full screen splash pages, on a frame. Your site is displayed upto 20minutes or until visitors clicks "Skip".

We did some market research on "traffic sellers", they usually sold redirect traffic from domains etc. The downside was that it seemed 100% ********, Google Analytics showed only ** 2 ** confirmed visitors out of 1350 from such a site, and even maximum was ** 22 **. In this research, a freshly created website, just for this purpose was being used. Another provider on the research didn't even claim to deliver anything, just accepted money and no further communication what-so-ever.

Our traffic has been shown to be visible on Google Analytics and be real live traffic. http://www.ShopOrNot.com was used in our research, and they claimed approximately 0.1% conversion rate from visitor to confirmed registration, without ANY control on the flow. Conversion rate went up after putting a sensible uniqueness time, and not just forwarding them there always.

We also utilize 2 level control on not showing an advertisement too often for the visitors, further upgrading the quality.

Traffic type
Around 30% US, around 30% European, rest ASIA & Africa. Over 70% young adults.
Country targeting is possible, as well as adult targeting.

Introduction test of 1000 visitors: 3$ (One time per client)

Pricing sheet:
2,500 visitors 22.5$
5,000 visitors 36.25$
10,000 visitors 61.25$
25,000 visitors 124.94$
50,000 visitors 237.5$
100,000 visitors 437.5$

Prices are excluding VAT. (VAT applicable only to european individuals)

Delivery Rate
Currently we have an unfilled capacity of around 3000 visitors per day.

We deal with about 500k monthly uniques.

Source websites
Some websites using it:

These all are very new websites. (1 week all)

Currently unused source websites
These websites will have the splashpage code added when more capacity is needed.

http://www.rapidhdd.com (Freshly acquired website, will be on our stock by end of next week)
http://www.nina-mercedez.us (Nina Mercedez adult pictures)
http://www.finance-proxy.com (splash code implemented but not using the central version)
http://www.hotellihelpotus.com (Finnish adult pictures website)

IBAN/BIC wiretransfers

Payable in USD or EUR. (EUR payments get 5% discount)

NuCode, registered in Finland

Here in PM or Aleksi *AT* NuCode (dot) Fi.