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    Cool UK colocation help/ideas, Power...

    Hi everyone,

    I am looking to do some UK collocation of mainly VPS hosts and some dedicated servers.
    My main problem as the moment as the title says is "power".

    We have been looking at both open hostings new data centre build.
    And rapid switch as I am sure most of you will know.

    OH 1TB B/W 0.5amp(s) 240v = 56p/m + setup...
    RS 3TB B/W 0.4amp(s) 240v = 36p/m

    Now from both places extra power is about 10 per 0.1amp... (not 100% sure about RS if someone here knows please post)

    Currently I am thinking RS is the better option as its 3TB p/m apposed to 1TB at OH, even though its 0.1amp less.

    Bascially the server spec is going to be soemthing like:
    AMD Pheonm 840 II
    8GB RAM
    500GB HDD (or two)
    = Power hungry.

    Does anyone have any ideas on a similar power set-up with low power, or somewhere in the UK with better power deals?

    Also anyone hosting at either place.

    Thanks, Tom
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    Power is expensive in the UK, unfortunately. We pay 3-4x the price they pay in France and Germany.

    Those prices you've quotes are about the going rate. I would imagine your server to use from 0.5A to 0.8A, although it depends on many factors. Which power supply have you gone for and how efficient is it?

    The Dell R200s tend to be pretty energy efficient, as are the new R610s and R710s if you haven't already purchased your server that you're planning to co-locate.
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    Power at RS is 90% of the highest reading taken on boot.

    We have many machines there and up until now have been very happy, with the exception of the recent physical move of kit from BSQ2 to Spectrum House, followed by numerous Router/Switch firmware upgrades.

    Do you already have this machine? If not I would look at going Intel based as they are currently better on power. Having said that, i7's are not good on power.

    Our usual VPS node config:

    Custom Supermicro Core2Quad Q9400 / 8GB RAM / 4x 320GB HDD = 0.7A


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    No we have not got the hardware yet.
    Think its best to get it closer to the time we are ready to build install.
    I was expecting the server to use more power than 0.7amps.
    Sounds good, might go for the RS deal although the OH is alot closer to me.
    Just don't like the higher price / set-up fees / and less of well... everything.
    I take it from RS you can get the 2u deal with more power and send a 1u there?
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