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    Plesk for Windows

    I am looking to offer Windows hosting, with .NET, MS SQL Server, PHP5, and MySQL all at once.

    Here are a few questions:

    1. Do I need to have SQL Server installed first prior to installing Plesk?

    2. How do I get PHP and .NET + SQL Server + MySQL working all together? Do I install IIS or Apache?

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    1) No. SQL 2005 Express edition is included with Plesk.

    2) Use IIS. Windows supports all that. Apache not needed.

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    For more ease on server components install like .NET, PHP, SQL Server, etc. you can use Microsoft's Web Platform Installer:

    However, you will need to install Plesk separately as it is not bundled in this.
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    How do I integrate this tool with Plesk? After installing it will show up in Plesk?

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