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    cPanel transfer accounts

    Hi All,

    I got a quick question, when you transfer cPanel accounts using the WHM feature, does that also transfer their configuration. Say for example there was a special wild DNS entry setup for them in the httpd.conf


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    I don't know. What I use is the Cpanel full backup feature...and then restore the accounts using WHM. And what I can say is that it does not restore DNS settings.

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    It transfers everything. user accounts, website contents, database, and all the configurations. If you transfer form WHM to another Cpanel/WHM server there should not be much config and troubleshooting you need to do. But still I suggest you to test all the accounts before transferring.
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    It's supposed to transfer everything. I've had real nightmares with the cPanel transfer accounts feature, if you're doing it with large numbers of accounts or very large accounts then be prepared for it to end with an epic failure.
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    I think it will not transfer the manual changes of httpd.conf configuration. If I get a chance, I will test this and will update in this post.


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