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    Talking Please review Site Assistant !

    Hey all!

    We are launching a new service for webmasters, website owners, etc. called Site Assistant.

    Any comments positive or negative about the website or the service itself would be Greatly appreciated.


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    Not friendly with my eyes :-)

    But design is good though.
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    net: I am not sure I understand your two sentences, they seem contradictory

    Unless you mean that the design is good but colors are not (like too strong)?

    Thanks for reply.

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    Except for the overall brightness of the site, I think the design is great. It also seems like it is a great service. However, I have an issue with the site navigation. On your features page, and probably other pages as well, there is no easy to find linkage back to the homepage. It would also be helpful if I could click on the logo and go back to the homepage.

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    Like they stated above hard to find link to home page, make clickable and direct to home page.. Personally whenever i cant find home link i click on their logo, if that doesnt work. i leave the page.
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    Assistantx and ocwebguru, thanks for your replays.

    The links to home page are now always at the bottom on Site Assistant. I remember it bothered me to scroll down and click it few times a little but I didn't think much about it yet.

    Now that you both say this I and if I use a little common sense I certanly have to agree. I will add home on top of pages and make the logo clickable. Thanks a lot!
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