Hi everyone at WHT.

ZanyHost have just finished moving all of their shared hosting to some new Quad Core Phenom servers, to celebrate this we are offering even better and higher spec packages cheaper than ever before!

End of July Madness! Chose which deal you think will suit you the best!
Pay per month Promos:
ZANY75Month 75% OFF your first Month!
ZANY25Month 25% OFF for Life!
Pay per year Promoís
ZANY35Year 35% OFF Your First Year!
ZANY25Year 25% OFF for Life!

We offer a 99.8% Uptime Guarantee or your money back! Although you wonít ever need to use it!

..::ZANY Mini::..
3GB Web Space, SATA or SCSI
200GB Bandwidth, Premium Network
cPanel Control Panel
Fully Managed
$3.50 USD Monthly Under $1 for your first month!
$32.00 USD Annually

..::ZANY Basic::..
10GB Web Space, SATA or SCSI
600GB bandwidth, Premium Network
cPanel Control Panel
Fully Managed
$7.40 USD Monthly
$59.00 USD Annually

..::ZANY Mega::..
50GB Web Space, SATA or SCSI
3300GB bandwidth or 10Meg Unmetered
cPanel Control Panel
Fully Managed
$12.95 USD Monthly
$99.95 USD Annually


All accounts come with:
Latest cPanel
MySQL Database
Firewalled Accounts
DDoS Protection*
Stats Monitoring
99.9% Uptime*
High end equipment
Dedicated IPís Available
SSL Available
Regular Back-ups*
24/7 Tech Support
Front Page Extensions
Cron Jobs
Custom Error Pages
Hot Link Protection
Much More...

How long is setup?
Under 5min! All shared accounts are auto created and then manually checked by an admin within 12hours.

What server will I be put on?
All of our current shared nodes are using the following hardware:
Quad Core Intel Q6600 or AMD Phenom II 940+
2 X 250GB HDD+
100Mbps Connection to the internet or better
Most of the time your shared account will be in a vps, as this allows for HA clustering and easy backups.

What is your network like, Do you have a test IP?

Zany Host uses some of the best data centres in the world to hosts its customers, they all have major redundant fibre backbone connections to the internet.
Currently all of our new VPS orders will be located at:
TelX, Atlanta USA, TestIP:

Test Files:


We don't hide our network speed unlike other places!

What are your Payment options?
Currently we are only accepting PayPal monthly subscription payments, discounts can be gained from yearly payments; contact our sales team for more information about these.
All orders are passed through a Fraud check; please do not be offended if your legitimated account/order is flagged.


[email protected] = General Questions

[email protected] = Pre Sales
[email protected] = Billing Questions
[email protected] = technical support

Departments will contact everyone back within 12hours!
Clients will be contacted back in under 2 hours!

Kindest Regards,
Zany Host Sales Team