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    FTP - Does Memory Matter?


    I was looking to include FTP Backup space for my clients, However I was thinking would memory be an issue for a few connections per day and fair usage.

    I was just thinking 1-2GB memory should that be okay?
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    That will be plenty fine. Is that the only service on the system? Estimate 20-50mb of memory or less per user logged in at a time. This amount will depend on how long they are connected and activity. But that should suffice, at least for ProFTPd.
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    1-2GB s overkill really, you should have no problem for FTP.
    In fact take some ram out and send it to me for my birthday ...?
    hmmm... thought not... worth a try.
    Best of luck!
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    I'm constantly needing more memory for FTP -- I am always forgetting passwords

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