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    Google Wave Server Available

    For those host who plan on being the first to offer "Wave Servers" here's the documentation on installing the extension on openfire.

    I'm sure EC2 ami's will be available shortly.

    For those looking to play with a wave like product now can check out

    Execution and user adaptation will be crucial to Wave success.
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    You can check out the official site ( where you can also sign up to be notified when it’s ready for the public.

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    Ugh this thing is gonna be huge. Not looking forward to Google taking over another industry. Operating systems are next...
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    Just another Web application and the person who created it is begging people for applauses in the video presentation. Any advanced programmer can do a similar app, not so cool.

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    About the OS side of things, they're going for the bottom 80% with Chrome OS. They'll probably leave the top 20% for Win/Mac, where people are willing to pay for a top-shelf OS. However if your computer costs under $500, it'll probably end up with Chrome OS on it rather than Win7.
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    I don't see Wave changing much.

    Will use it as a better google docs to collaborate on files, but that's about it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dbbrock1 View Post
    Ugh this thing is gonna be huge. Not looking forward to Google taking over another industry. Operating systems are next...
    Just wait a bit. I suppose that is impossible to be the be4st in all spheres and I supppose Yahoo hosting just another prove for this statement

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