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    Thumbs up Igxhost - 3 month review

    I feel compelled to write a review for a simple reason. This is the first time I am truly satisfied with my host.

    I own a small wiki site and forum for my small group of friends. Its mainly a hobby of mine to test things out while my friends watch my progress. I've tried different types of hosting, free hosting (quite good, but server is slow probably crammed) to unlimited hosting (HostMonster, a nightmare.. just a mere 5 users browsing the forum and I got suspended for exceeding CPU limit).

    My previous host was a small shared hosting server but IMO, there was just too much upgrades that the server seemed offline a lot. Not to mention, phone support was only during office hours and email support is at least 3 hours. Living in the other side of the world, its hard to get a speedy response.

    The first thing that impressed me is Igxhost's speedy response. All but one of my tickets got respond within 20 mins. In fact, my first ticket, just a few hours after buying the hosting account, was replied in a mere 3 minutes. The only time I had to wait longer for a response was due to a sales question since I was asking to buy extra bandwidth because it seemed that I might exceed the monthly limit. To which Jonathan replied back and gave me an extra 1GB bandwidth for free.

    All of my friends are commenting how fast my site loads and they don't have any problems accessing it unlike with my previous hosts. Unless something happens, *knocks wood* I'm sure I'm going to stay with Igxhost for a long time. I'm glad I took the chance on signing up for a fairly new company because this is one of the time where I found a hidden gem.

    p.s. To verify that this is a legit review, I'm using the report feature instead of posting my site link.
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    Very nice!

    Thanks for contributing! It's always good to see new members providing feedback.
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    I've been a member here for awhile mainly to check out the offers. A good host will lure me out of my lurking mode to post.

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    Thanks for this review. I'm glad you're happy with our services and thanks for giving us a chance to prove ourselves. Keep us updated and best wishes to you and your websites

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    Glad to hear another happy customer, Good on you igx you know how to keep them happy
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    It is a very happy thing to see a satisfied customer. Thanks for sharing your review. Follow up the review in future. Also congrats to Igxhost.

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    Always great to see happy customers

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    Glad to hear it! I just hope the "fairly new company" will continue to be good (and exist!) over time.

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    I am very impressed by this review as well as IGXHOST. Great job Jonathan!

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    Glad to see a happy customer with his host. Hope your experience will stays the same in future also. Thanks for the review.
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