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    * Aquarius Reseller Blowout: cPanel+WHM+ClientExec+Reliability Starting at $9.50

    Aquarius Storage:: Smell of a new website:: Mouth Watering Low Prices - Reliable & High Performance Reseller Hosting
    Stop Searching, Start Hosting....Today!
    No Tricks, or paying for a year to qualify. Reseller Web Hosting @ $9.50/per month

    Web Hosting Talk Special Only: Enter Coupon: 3529gfd (This will give you 5% additional off price on site for LIFE of the account!!!)

    Your Websites, available faster then ever before..
    Apache 2.2 in working alongside with FastCGI, memcached/memcache, and MPM worker in combination with a network has been designed to accommodate clients demanding the highest quality network performance allows for the most speedy display of your websites possible...period.

    PHP 5 Acceleration brought to you by.... eAccelerator!!!
    eAccelerator is a Accelerator, optimizer, and dynamic content cache. It increases the performance of PHP scripts by caching them in their compiled state, so that the overhead of compiling is almost completely eliminated. It also optimizes scripts to speed up their execution. eAccelerator typically reduces our server load and increases the speed of your PHP code by 1-10 times.

    Your data is safe with multiple backups of your data done daily using R1Soft CDP...
    By utilizing R1Soft’s Continuous Data Protection, after the initial replica of your files, CDP creates virtual full backups in minutes significantly reducing Disk I/O during backups of our critical Linux Servers. These backups or account snapshots are taken multiple times through the day. Never overwrite or delete a file again without being able to restore it via our Easy-To-Use Web-based Interface which provides one click restores of your files which can be located right out of our cPanel control panel.

    Aquarius Storage reseller plans come loaded to the hill....
    • Tweaked Apache 2.2 WebServer (fcgid, memcached/memcache, and MPM)
    • R1Soft Continuous Data Protection (15min account snap shots)
    • Cloudmark Authority w/SpamAssassin
    • RAID-10 Data Protection (Out performs RAID-1 & RAID-5! Plus more Redundancy)
    • RVSiteBuilder PRO ... that's 600+ templates included for FREE!!!
    • Installatron, Fantstico De Luxe, XController, RVSkins
    • FREE Account/Website Migration
    • FREE Private Name servers (NS1.YOURDOMAIN.COM/NS2.YOURDOMAIN.COM!!)
    • Cisco ASA 5505 - Hardware DDoS Mitigation
    • Premium Bandwidth Providers - AT&T, Level 3, MCI, Savvis
    • E-commerce Enabled
    • Complete Website Monitoring
    • No Contract
    • Latest cPanel & Web Hosting Manager (WHM)
    • Aquarius Storage Support available 24/7
    • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
    • 99.99% Web site Up time Guarantee
    • Support Via Phone (Toll Free)/ Chat / Ticket......

    Reseller Hosting Hardware

    We run enterprise class hardware to suit the needs of many of our enterprise class clients.
    Intel(R) Xeon(TM) CPU 3.60GHz
    4+ GB RAM
    RAID-10 Data Protection (Out performs RAID-1 & RAID-5! Plus more Redundancy)

    Reseller Web Hosting Plans

    RESELLERa1 Plan....
    RAID-10 & R1Soft Disk Space: 15GB
    Premium Bandwidth: 150GB
    Instant Setup
    Normally $10.00/Per Month (without coupon) :: Only $9.50/Per Month (with WHT coupon located below)
    Web Hosting Talk Special Only: Enter Coupon: 3529gfd so save an additional 5% for LIFE!!

    //Order Now\\ //More Information\\


    RESELLERa2 Plan....
    RAID-10 & R1Soft Disk Space: 30GB
    Premium Bandwidth: 300GB
    Instant Setup
    Only $20.00/Per Month(without coupon) :: Only $19.00/Per Month (with WHT coupon located below)
    Web Hosting Talk Special Only: Enter Coupon: 3529gfd so save an additional 5% for LIFE!!

    //Order Now\\ //More Information\\


    RESELLERa3 Plan....
    RAID-10 & R1Soft Disk Space: 45GB
    Premium Bandwidth: 450GB
    Instant Setup
    Only $30.00/Per Month(without coupon) :: Only $28.50/Per Month (with WHT coupon located below)
    Web Hosting Talk Special Only: Enter Coupon: 3529gfd so save an additional 5% for LIFE!!

    //Order Now\\ //More Information\\


    Pre-Sale Question/Answer

    1) Are you selling from another providing using a reseller account?
    No, Aquarius Storage owns all of it's equipment including servers, switches, and firewalls, and chooses to co-locate it's equipment in the Liquidweb Data Centers.
    2) Where will my web site be hosted from.
    All web sites are hosted in Liquid Web's Lansing, Michigan data center one or two.

    On special request, we can also provision shared/reseller accounts in Dallas, Texas as well. Simply put this in the comments section if you would rather be provisioned in the Dallas, Texas SoftLayer Data Center. Our Dallas, Texas shared/reseller hosting does not provide R1Soft. Sorry about the inconvenience.

    3) Is support available 24 hours a day?
    Yes, support is available twenty four hours a day via ticket, email, phone, and live chat. All support is provided from here in the USA, none of the outsourced clueless tech's where you can not figure out what the heck they are saying.
    4) Do I have to pay extra for support?
    24 Hour support is included in all package plans, and no extra fee is required.
    5) Is there a setup fee?
    No, Aquarius Storage currently does not utilize setup fees on any of it's web hosting or reseller web hosting packages.
    6) Do I get SSH access Included?
    Web hosting without SSH access seems to be a standard handicap now and days. Of course, SSH is included free of charge in all web hosing and reseller web hosting plans.
    7) How long will it take before my account is ready to start hosting my website?
    All account's are processed on average in 5 minutes or less. All accounts receive a initial fraud scanning, and if somethings trips a alarm.... will require a more in depth review which may take a little bit longer.
    8) What is your client to server ratio?
    On average, 150-200. We will never put more web sites on a sever then the server hardware allows.
    9) What payment options do you currently have available?
    You may purchase hosting from Aquarius Storage using any credit card, paypal, or google checkout.
    10) What is Installatron?
    Aquarius Storage proudly offers Installatron on all of it's web hosting and reseller web hosting package side by side with Fantastico. Installatron is a Fantastico-like auto-installer which is gaining momentum. It has many state-of-the-art features which Fantastico does not have. You can view any install you have in Installatron, link directly to the installed script and its administration and configuration tools, view its files and databases, and view information about the install. Installs can be upgraded, backed up, and uninstalled. Please Click Here to find the scripts that available for install with the click of a mouse button.

    Have any other questions?
    Aquarius Storage would love to work with you and your web site needs.We also do custom plans on request via email, ticket, live chat, or phone. If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]

    Need Affordable Shared Hosting? Check here:
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    Aquarius Storage Customers Speak: Testimonials

    We love to receive feedback from our customers regarding the service we provide here. Check out some of the customers responses that we have received recently about our service.
    If you are a client, you are more than welcome to submit your own feedback.

    " - Magnificent services."
    It's 3 days from being a full month and I have received nothing but great support and service. Before I bought the server, RyanC had been very helpful with answering all my questions. I received my VPS instantly after I paid and Ryan installed cPanel/CSF and configured it all. All my questions were answered with ease via live chat or a ticket through WHMCS. Most tickets were answered within 15 minutes. Although their prices aren't the lowest, you pay for what you get. I believe their pricing is absolutely great, due to the fact that PPP costs a lot compared to other solutions. If you are looking to buy a VPS, I would definately recommend AquariusStorage.
    Posted on

    "The support at Aquarius Storage above excellent."
    Aquarius Storage has been there for everything, even the small issues that he had no reason to help me fix (unmanaged). From my initial live chat with him, he never lied about any of the specs and went as far as telling me that they had *just* opened up their VPS offerings. Have read plenty of positive things about AS's shared/resellering services and thought meh, lets give them a try. No matter what I throw at the VPS, it handles it as if its a bug hitting the windshield of my rocket. Support: 10/10, replies were within 30 minutes, if there wasn't a reply then the issue was already fixed. Had a DDoS on the node I was on around midnight, Ryan was up and on the issue before I even got a ticket in to him (I was up late working on the VPS and noticied probably within a minute of the DDoS happening). Uptime: To date, 100% uptime of the node (with the exception of the DDoS, which was dealt with within 20 minutes). Performance: WOW! Ryan and the guys at Aquarius sure know how to build a VPS node! Nothing but praise for the service I'm getting. Fairly certain they aren't overloading their nodes either as they have had plenty of time to pack my node to the fullest since I've had service with them, and it still performs just as it did when I bought it, heck its better! Orignal unixbench results were in the 220's, one I ran this morning reported 370 Overall: Aquarius Storage knows their stuff and the support is above excellent. If you're looking for a professional host, look no further! Personally, I'll be upgrading to the a6 package as soon as I have a need.
    Ron D
    Posted on

    "On a scale of 100 - I'm giving Aquarius Storage a genuine 98/100."
    Well, first things first. After the whole deal with my previous VPS provider, and how they just ditched their entire customer base, I was skeptical on choosing a new one. I browsed around the VPS offers forum, and I finally found the perfect offer, that AQ was offering. My VPS was provisioned pretty fast, and I got LxAdmin running fairly quickly. Overall, to make a long story short - it's been a great process so far. The support is very fast, I always get a response within 24 hours, it's usually a lot less than that. I've also learned to optimize servers, learn how to use a lot of server protocols, etc, because of what Ryan has told me. They are also very proactive. It's a great service, although I'm not entirely convinced that AQ is well known, I hope that they do become more well known, and keep their service the same. On a scale of 100 - I'm giving AQ a genuine 98/100.
    Posted on

    "Aquarius Storage - Thumbs Up!"
    I just like to thank Ryan from Aquarius Storage for helping me the other day set up my test account and test the server's loading time with my website. I now have fully transferred from my previous host, as my site loaded very slowly. I have now cancelled my account with PeachyDandy. With Aquarius Storage my website now loads twice as fast as before. Site loading time according to Pingdom Great job with the support Aquarius Storage! Moreover, the staff are very approachable and welcoming! If you need speed, Aquarius Storage, is your hosting solution Thumbs up Aquarius!
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    "Great prices and the best of all great support…"
    Hi guys , i want to write this small review for Aquarius Storage i been with them a few weeks now and they are great , great prices and the best of all great support , i ran into a few issues at first , issues i could resolve my self if ihave done further reading and they were nice and help me and even pointed me into some usefull information and tutorials thats great helping customers manage their own vps insted of charging ridiculos prices for simple task like i seen in the past with other providers , keep the good work guys my site is is still on development so there no relevant information on the site yet thanx Aquarius Storage keep it up!!!
    Posted on

    "Rock solid & top-notch support!"
    After my longtime webhost went belly-up, and after doing much research, I had the good fortune to come across Aquarius Storage. There I've found super reliable servers, hosting plans with all the features I could want, and fast, friendly support. There's been no downtime or other troublesome issues. I have a reseller account and host several dozen websites. As a webdesigner for 9 years, I've worked with many webhosts over the years, and the level of service I've found at As is really exceptional. Aquarius Storage has exceeded my high expectations and I know I have found a good long-term solution for my reseller hosting needs.
    Posted on

    "Meet our needs from day one!"
    We have been hosting-resellers for 9 years now and Aquarius has provided us with a reseller package for the last 5 years. Aquarius set us up with a custom package to meet our needs from day one. As our needs have grown, Aquarius has stayed well ahead of us providing up to date equipment, software and all the latest tools needed for any type of website function my customers need for their success.
    Robert Dicky
    Posted on

    "A+ Service for the price of a D- service!"

    1. 1. Packages: A+. Great package resources.
    2. 2. Pricing: A+ Great pricing.
    3. 3. Extras: A Great extras like ClientExec, Fantastico (DeLuxe), RVSkins, RVSite Builder (Pro), etc. Only thing missing was WHMCS, but ClientExec works just as good if not better, just not as popular. They actually improved ClientExec a lot since I last saw them and I'm glad I got to try them out again.
    4. 4. Network: A+ Amazing network. All sites load very fast and there's been 0 downtime.
    5. 5. Support: ? Well... I haven't had a single server issue that I needed support with. Can't tell ya on this one.

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