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    VPS: What's using all my RAM?

    I'm running a vB forum (, and my VPS has the following specs:

    ~666MHz CPU
    512MB RAM
    CentOS 5.3 64-bit

    In my VPS control panel, it's saying that I'm using around 350MB to 450MB RAM - this is 24/7, it never goes below 350MB. At the moment all I'm running is a vB forum, that doesn't have many memory consuming plugins (such as no shoutbox at the moment).

    Is it normal for a vB forum to use so much RAM? Is there any way that I can find out what's using the RAM?

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    Just depends...The OS is probably using 100MB or so. If Apache isn't optimized then it could use 70+MB per process. This is quite possible.
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    You have SSH access right? If so, log on and run the following command:
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    Memory usage depends, But you can tweak your services to avoid abnormal use of memory.

    You can use the following commands to view the memory usage

    1) top -c ( Shift+M ) will sort the process by Memory Usage

    2) ps auxf , will give the details of all the process that are currently running.

    Also you can confirm the memory usage using " free -m " - the name says it all!
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    That RAM usage is pretty normal for your configuration.
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    You can make performance tweaks in Apache and Mysql configuration to reduce RAM usage considerably.

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