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    24/7 Support, graveyard shift

    What is a good strategy for hiring support staff for afterhours with a limited budget?

    For now the scope of technical ablilites can be pretty limited. Pretty much answer calls, be friendly, ticket, document problems for engineers to look at in the morning and at the very most reboot servers when necessary.

    What is a good hourly rate? Should I go by pay per incident?


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    Depends how much your budget is. YOu may want to look at some outsourcing companies I've heard good things about
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    Take a look at If you're unable to hire in-house staff that are able to do night shifts, outsourcing may be a good choice.

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    Thanks for the links. I'll take a look at there offerings.

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    and if you're really cheap...
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    Try out - when I first started I used them to cover my night shift. The price goes up if you want to add in system administration.

    Cheap and a pretty decent service. They will keep things calm at night.
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