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Thread: Bandwidth Usage

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    Bandwidth Usage

    I'm trying to determine how much bandwidth an average customer uses if given x amount per month. Dedicated servers and VPS.

    Say I have 1000 accounts which varies from web hosters, to media streamers and everything in between. What is a safe number, or percentage, that I should expect my customers to use?

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    There is no real way to determine this without knowing your target market. Accurate forecasting is also impossible without history.
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    It would be kinda hard to calculate it. Add more info and details on the clients.

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    Depending what type of customer you attract. I have seem servers with about 1000 accounts and uses less than 200GB per month.

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    There is no definite number. It depends on what types of sites you want to host, and what are allowed and what aren't. It also depends on how many visitors they have in their sites.

    If 500 accounts use your server solely for streaming purposes, will need to have TB of bandwidth per month
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    It is impossible answer. The only thing you can do is to plan the expenses and to buy certain capacity and then to try to sell it. Any further increase would come once a sale is made.
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    Ya I pretty much knew I was shooting in the dark. It's pretty hard to answer. I was just hoping there was like an industry "magic" number. A total average of sorts.

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