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    * cPanel to Plesk (Transfer Email Accounts & Passwords)


    I am transferring from a cPanel VPS to a Please VPS (MT)- I am manually downloading all my client's web sites and will manually upload them through FTP.

    How can I transfer each of their email account/box along with their password?
    I do not want to call each client and tell them I have reset their password and will need them to re-change it. Reason being, a lot of my clients are not computer or tech-savvy individuals and this will be a BIG hassle.

    I hope their is a solution to this

    Thanks in advance - we have the largest selection of new & used OEM and custom transceivers, hardware, and cisco memory.

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    If you are using mailenable pro edition, than you need to see the migration utility of the mailenable they provide good migration services your client will never know if they even migrated.

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    have you looked at the knowledge base at parallels?
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    Install the Plesk Migration Manager from updates, it can copy from cPanel servers if I am not mistaken.
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